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Unimec A/S

Unimec A/S was founded in 2007 and the diversity of experience that our automation engineering team has gathered over the years, producing automated systems and special purpose machines, enables us to confidently select and combine the best industrial automation techniques based upon a sound understanding of their benefits and possible limitations, integrating these into your application. Being able to combine different automation technologies, with confidence, enables us to design and build innovative automation solutions that will reduce product cost and improve product quality.

Our special purpose machines often integrate robotic handling, vision systems, PLC/PC based control systems, increase consistency and quality, in order to speed up your production processes.

From simpleorientation systems, right through to fully automated test solutions and automation equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to work on allmost any project our customers require.

We do whatever we can in our in-house facilities to create specific, tailored solutions to our customers, working to each individual requirements, however particular.

From evaluation through to design, our team of highly-skilled professionals, lead by our experienced directors, work together to create just what your manufacturing company needs to get your job done.

Expertise & Experience

• Automation
• Rotary Assembly
• Vision Inspection
• Robotics
• Leak and Flow Messurement
• End and Line Testing
• Assembly Cells
• Full production Lines
• Worldwide Service

For an informal conversation to find out how our automation expertise can benefit your project you can complete our enquiry form, send Us an e-mail detailing your enquiry or contact us on the main office number.

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